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Useful for residents and visitors alike, Barbados Travel Companion, our new travel app to Barbados, supplies comprehensive information along with pictures, maps and links to hundreds of videos and relevant websites.

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Please check out Explore St. John, our new travel app to St. John, which supplies comprehensive information (useful for residents and visitors alike) along with pictures, maps and links to hundreds of videos and relevant websites.

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Explore the Virgin Islands

Evolving through various editions during the past 15 years, Harry S. Pariser's Explore the Virgin Islands has grown in content and stature to become the premier travel guidebook to the US and British Virgin Islands. Award-winning journalist Pariser details sights, hotels and resorts, and restaurants and activities in these islands. In addition, he writes thoughtfully about coral reefs, flora and fauna, history, festivals and events and conduct. He covers sailing, kayaking, horseback riding, car rentals, diving, snorkeling, plantation ruins and museums, camping, hiking, and other topics. Information here is found nowhere else. Included are 32 maps, and over a hundred illustrations and black and white photos. Hundreds of web sites and e-mail addresses are listed as are fax numbers and 800 numbers.

This is the most comprehensive guide to the US and British Virgin Islands in print today.

Seventh Edition (Newly published!)

ISBN 978-1893643-59-8

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>> Photos, illustrations, and maps galore
>> Excellent information on flora, fauna, environment, history, and other topics
>> Useful tips and charts not found elsewhere
>> Free online updates
>> Most extensive internet listings (websites and e-mails) of any book
>> Great for residents and visitors alike!

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Special: Interview with Don Grusin about his tune "Road Town"

Dowmload PDF of a review of a previous edition of Explore the Virgin Islands from Reader Views,

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