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Eddie Szeto's Inner Sunset Burger King

The Inner Sunset Burger King closed its doors in late December 2006. It is now an organic bison burger joint..... Owner Eddie Szeto has moved on to concentrate on running his four other Burger Kings. (A photo of him moving his things from an illegal office and strorage space is directly below). This page will serve as a memorial.


Eddie Szeto leaving Burger King

Have you ever lived next door to a Burger King?

Well, I have.

It smells!

And there are other consequences....

The Burger King "closed for renovations" on Sunday, December 17th, 2006. It was reincarnated as an organic bison burger joint run by Eddie Szeto's nepher Daniel, until Daniel got fired for reasons we will not disclose here. Currently, Szeto's friend is running it for him as a inexpesive cafe. Hopes of a franchise have bit the dust. 

The Burger King in all its glory (August 2005). Graffiti, litter, and loitering were not a problem in this location prior to its establishment.

They were so desperate for sales that they have lowered the prices.

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Goldman Sachs and Burger King

The Psychology of Fast Food

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If you are reading this, you may have heard about my case. Or you may have passed by on foot or on the Muni and seen my signs in the window.

I don't like having signs in my window.

But then I don't like smelling grease each time I open it...

If you want to read about what happened to me, read The Burger King and I, an article which has been published in the November 1997 issue of San Francisco Frontlines in a slightly abbreviated form.

I also wrote a second article: The Burger King and I, Part II

If you agree with me, please do what you can to support me. Let's keep San Francisco's multicultural identity intact!

Please give me your comments. They'll all be posted. Read the current comments page.

If you think that fast food is great for your health, check out my fast food facts page.

Here's a good article about fast food and children's health.

Read about corruption and expediter Walter Wong The Inner Sunset Burger King is written about in the San Francisco Chronicle in December 2003

Be sure to let your elected representatives know just how you feel about the changes in our neighborhoods. Together we can make a difference!

Such a pleasant soul!

I had to file a police report in September 2000 after he assaulted me on the street.

Other articles about this case:

Burger King from the Sunset Beacon (Oct. 1997).

April Fools Day Restaurant Review of The Burger King (April 1, 1999) from the April Fools Edition of Synapse, the UCSF student newspaper.

Notable quotes.

Reader's Comments.

Read the extraordinary new book Fast Food Nation. And Also Fast Food, Fast Track



Inner Sunset Burger King Slide Show

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