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All Hail Gordon Getty!
We make the following predictions for Gavin's Mayoral Term of Office
Gavin will attempt to abolish District Elections.
Gavin will attempt to reduce the number of members on the Board of Supervisors.
Gavin's proposal for licensing permit "expediters" such as Walter Wong Will be dropped.
Carte blanche will be delivered to high rise developers.
Muni fares will rise again. Service will be scaled back.
The homeless will be further disenfrachnised and stigmatized.
Gavin will target Gonzalez, Sandoval, and Peskin for defeat when they are up for re-election.
Condo Conversions will again be on the ballot.
Gavin will attempt to weaken rent control.
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Gordon Getty's Investment in Gavin's Plumpjack (1)

Gordon Getty's Investment in Gavin's Plumpjack (1)

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