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Gavin Newsom: Making San Francisco's Richest Richer

Gavin Newsom has plagarized from the book "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies" for many of the plans he has to run San Francisco if he buys the office of mayor through the initiative (Prop M), which he has paid to put on the ballot.

Here are some promises from Gavin Newsom:

I promise to speed up the visualization process' for housing construction. I warn you that I will not hypothicate about the tough decisions I would make on the city budget. My dealings with the Board of Supervisors will be an organic process.

I will incentivize homeownership, and put an absolute prioritization, but I won't say how.

I will draw on my years of experience in the restaurant industry, where staffing levels are set depending on seasonality. I will use a strategy called disintermediation when it comes to cutting expenses and focuses on high-quality interactive service for dealing with the public.

I also call for an end to the extreme rhetoric' that has surrounded the city's long-running debates over housing and just about every other controversial issue, which could leave voters in a quandary.I will do this by appointing all of the Board of Supervisors by eliminating elections, and having the newspapers ban all 'Letters to the Editor' columns.


This satire has been borrowed from :


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