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ANYBODY BUT GAVIN Corporate and Landlord Puppet

from http://www.sftu.org/ Sup. Gavin Newsom's record on the Board of Supervisors is that of a corporate, downtown developer, and landlord puppet. Nearly every neighborhood or tenant group which appears before the Board of Supervisors can count on Newsom voting against them and with his corporate and real estate donors and handlers every time. Newsom's votes have clearly reflected a Supervisor out of touch with neighborhood interests and strongly supportive of the Residential Builder's Association (RBA), developers, landlords and corporate interests of every kind. Newsom himself is a developer of "live/work" units and a landlord who has evicted tenants for no-fault reasons. Any other candidate would be much better than Newsom. Newsom does not support rent control and will work to repeal it! He gets a lot of good press (especially on Channel 2 because Ross McGowan is an investor in Newsom's businesses), spends a lot of money, looks good and has good corporate and political handlers. But the bottom line is that he votes against the average person, neighborhood interests, renters, and voters of San Francisco nearly every opportunity he gets and in favor of the corporate development, business and real estate interests.


ANTI-TENANT VOTES July 22, 2003 Voted against proposal to strengthen rent control by giving tenants more seats on the SF Rent Board. November, 2002 One of 2 Supervisors (Hall) to support massive condominium conversion and rent control repeal measure (Prop R) on the November 2002 ballot.

October 7, 2002 One of 3 Supervisors (Hall, Maxwell) to rubber-stamp all of Willie Brown's nominations to the Planning Commission and Board of Permit Appeals.

March, 2002 Prohibited from voting on limits to new "live/work" units because he is a developer of "live/work" units. April 15, 2002 Voted against controls on "big box" projects, like Ikea or Home Depot. Specifically voted against neighborhood notice and approval requirements. March 18, 2002 Opposed requiring developers to include affordable housing in their developments (Inclusionary Housing Ordinance). February 11, 2002 One of 2 Supervisors (Hall) to vote against additional protections for tenants, especially senior tenants, from evictions and pass-through of capital improvements. August 20, 2001 Again voted against requiring developers to include more affordable housing. (He and Hall opposed resolution to Planning Commission).

July 23, 2001 Voted against public power. He and Hall voted to prevent the voters from deciding on the ballot whether or not we should have public power. July 9, 2001 Voted against limiting evictions for condo conversions. One of 3 Supervisors (Hall, Yee) to vote in support of the Mayor's veto of Tenant protection Legislation.

April 2, 2001 Voted to allow evictions of seniors under the Ellis Act. One of 3 Supervisors (Hall, Yee) voting against a resolution urging the State Legislature to amend the Ellis Act to prevent the eviction of senior tenants under Ellis. February 20, 2001 Voted against a temporary ban on rent increases for capital improvements.

SOME EARLIER NEWSOM VOTES (Compared to Bay Guardian Positions) (Prior To 2001, Newsomˇa landlord was prohibited from voting on most landlord/tenant measures. In 2001, the conflict of interest law was changed, allowing him to vote. During this time he could not vote on a measure to limit OMI evictions of senior, disabled and terminally ill tenants, but indicated if he could he would vote against those protections.


Newsom Bay Guardian Strengthen Campaign Finance Reform 4/24/00 NO YES Delay Living Wage 6/1/99 YES NO Support War On Iraq 10/7/02 YES NO Limiting ATM Fees 2/17/99 NO YES Lower Fines For Slumlords 10/31/97 YES NO (Tenants Union NO) Deny Eviction Defense Funds 7/24.00 YES NO (Tenants Union NO) Allow More Condo Conversions Fall 00 YES NO (Tenants Union NO) Ban Capital Improvement Rent Hikes Fall 00 NO

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