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Articles and Information about Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom

Gavin: A Shining Beacon for Realtors and Republicans Alike

as featured in The San Francisco Chronicle's Campaign Watch predicts: Gavin's to-be-annointed successor in office will be the obnoxious, conservative supe Bevan Dufty. is for sale or license. Contact us.

All Hail Gordon Getty!
new Gavin Newsom Walks Away from reporters: Youtube
Newsom SUV parked by fire hydrant.
Gavin tries to take credit for "Save MUNI" ballot initiative
Bay Guardian's masterful Newsom Parody (4.01.09)
SF Chronicle: Ten Things We'll Miss About Gavin
SF Weekly Lambastes Gavin
Bay Guardian's masterful Parody Q and A with Newsom's press secretary Nathan Ballard (4.01.09)
Newsom screws the poor (4.13.09)
Gavin's campaign expenditures
Case of bottled water in hypocrite Gavin's car
The Catholic Church's take on Gavin
Incest and Gavin Newsom
PG&E offers Newsom a blank check
Newsom fights clean energy.
Daily Kos: Gavin Screws Poor Renters
Does Gavin Newsom really have a foster brother?
Die-in staged in protest to Newsom budget cuts
Beyond Chron's article on the Chronicle whitewash
Gavin makes a fool of himself singing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"
Total jerk to run Newsom's guberatorial campaign
Newsom the "progressive " candidate in 2010?
Gavin Vetoes Public Internet Access to government
Gavin meets Villaraigosa who brings Jesus along
Jennifer Siebel, Gavin's wife, registers as AIP
Racism and Gavin Newsom
"I had sex with Gavin Newsom" (Gavin's stalker)
The Parking for Neighborhoods ballot initiative scam
Blogging Gavin's Press Conference (SFist) Video and commentary on confessiion of affair with aide.
Newsom press secretary Ragone: "I lied. Gavin lied." (Feb. 2007)
Gavin: Hall of Shame Award
Gavin dates 20-year-old model who driniks illegally in his presence
Newsom orders crackdown on homeless
Supervisor Chris Daly's Blog
"Libertarian" Matt Smith castigates Newsom (SF Weekly)
Newsom dates big-boobed, brain-dead Scientologist TV star!
Newsom dates Scientologist (Mercury News)
PUNI on Gavin (cartoon)
Gavin and Kim Pictorial Satire (SF Weekly)
Newsom supporter and patron Julie Lee under indictment.
Bay Guardian Interview 3/10/05
How Care Not Cash has failed by Tiny (Poor Magazine)
Gavin's Silly Photos Spread (SF Weekly)
Gavin discovers he hadn't paid rent to Julie Lee and others...and pays... (Incredible!)
More corrupt Gavin appointments
Gavin opposes housing preservation act.
Corrupt realtor Julie Lee, Gavin ally, subject of expose.
SF Weekly: Why does Gavin Newsom need a backer like the California Urban Issues Project?
Gavin's Gay Marriage stand a calcuated move (Matier & Ross,
Kimberly Guifoyle Newsom Blowdries Gavin Away!
Gavin Demos Send Misleading Election Flier (SF Examiner, 3/1/04)
Matt Smith brands Gavin "craven and contemptibly fainthearted, a coward..."
Gavin Cheated in Runoff ( predicts!
Gavin Dolls (satire)
Visit the Election 2003 page (archived)
LA Times on Newsom (free subscription needed)
LA Times on Election (free subscription needed)
Gavin's Corporate Donors (SFBG)
Gavin Newsom's Taste in Music
Angela Alioto May Recall an elected Gavin Newsom (if she is irritated at him sufficiently) SFBG
Matt Gonzalez Suggests Redistributing MUNI funds in exchange for regional homeless programs (Gavin lies in hit piece!)
Gavin Gave to Republican Party
Gavin Newsom's Stands on 19 Issues
Where's the Content? Gavin's Vacuous Position Papers (SFBG)
Republican Gavin Staffer Warns about Dangers of Patchouli (I kid you not!)
The story of Plumpjack
Plumpjack's Hygiene Problems
Bringing Up Baby Gavin (SF Weekly)
Cake Not Cash (Poor Magazine)
Why Care Not Cash Does Not Work
The Chronicle on Care Not Cash
Hotels and the Homeless
Vote No on Prop M (Aggressive Panhandling)
Frontlines on Gavin Newsom
SF Chronicle: Big Money Backs Gavin's criminal Prop M
Satirical background history (Silicon Satan)
Gavin Newsom (Silicon Satan)
Gavin Sighting Report Online (satire)
Toothsome Newsom (satire)
Gay Shame on Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom worries that "San Francisco is Number Two in LSD." (I kid you not!)
How Gavin bought the endorsement of Rescue MUNI (Jim Reid)
Ken and Barbie (Leah Garchik)
Gavin Newsom: the Wealthiest Candidate SF Chronicle
Send a Gavin-o-Gram (satire)
With a little help from the Gettys (SF Chronicle)
Gavin "forgets" about $2 million (SF Chronicle)
Meet Gavin (satire)
Gavin Newspeak on the Issues (partial satire)
The Branding of Gavin Newsom (SFBG)
Newsom's Recusals (SFBG)
The Smugness that is Gavin

Gordon Getty's Investment in Gavin's Plumpjack (1)

Gordon Getty's Investment in Gavin's Plumpjack (1)

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